Ir. Daniela Doroftei


Daniela Doroftei


Royal Military Academy (RMA)

Department of Mechanics (MECA)

Av. De La Renaissance 30, B1000 Brussels, Belgium

Room: G20-11

Tel: ++32-(0)2-4414106


Full CV


Short CV:

Daniela Doroftei was born on april 21, 1979 in Botosani, Romania.  She received her master in mechanical engineering at the Gheorghe Asachi University in Iasi, Romania in 2002.

 In 2003 she completed a master study (DEA) in Applied Science at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Brussels, Belgium.

She is currently employed as a researcher at the Royal Military Academy (RMA) of Belgium in the department of Mechanics.

Her research interests include autonomous navigation techniques which can be used by intelligent mobile robots.


Member of:

· Work Package Leader in the EU FP7 Project ICARUS

· Project-Partner in the EDA (European Defense Agency) Project Networked Multi-Robotics Cooperation (2007-2010)

· Member of the EU FP6 Project View-Finder


Research interests:

- Robotic aids for humanitarian deming

- Terrain Traversability Estimation

- Behavior - based Robot Control

- Decentralized Multi-Robot Collaboration



Course: "Behavior-based robot control" in the framework of the course "Introduction to Mobile Robotics"