Image descriptionWhenever we humans recognize an environment we have seen before, we do this based upon the 3D model of that environment which we previously stored in our heads. This stands into contrast to most recognition approaches used in the computer vision community, where recognition is performed based on 2D data (a camera image). In this context, we investigate novel approaches towards the recognition of scenes and places using 3D data (from stereo or from monocular or binocular reconstruction). By doing this, we hope to make a robot understand the environment it is operating in.



Geert De Cubber

Ichraf Lahouli (Tunisian Military Academy)


Video Results:

Mixed 3D/2D Recognition of scene objects for a social robot: For interacting with humans, the robot detects and identifies the human, assesses its emotional state, performs a simplified 3D reconstruction of the environment and places the human in this environment:

Robots used for this research subject:

None (working on image sequences shot by a Pioneer 3 robot)


Master Thesis Ichraf Lahouli

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