Image descriptionMaking multiple robots collaborate on the same task requires a careful consideration of all aspects of robot control. In a decentralized context, there is no central command station, so all agents act as individual autonomous entities, much like is the case in nature with animals and humans.

In this field of research, we investigate innovative and efficient area search algorithms, optimal robot synchronisation strategies, emergent behavior, ... An extra problem as opposed to centralized multi-robot collaboration is of course the absence of the single command centre, making it more difficult to control and coordinate the robot actions.


Daniela Doroftei


Video Results (check also our YouTube channel):

Multiple robots collaborating to scan a city block as fast as possible, searching for intruders / enemies:

Multiple robots collaborating to protect a transport through hostile terrain. The robots form a (circular) defensive formation around the transport and avoid contact with enemy troops, while search their way towards different waypoints:

Multiple robots collaborating to patrol a military camp: the robots can the area around the military camp, searching for intruders / enemies and intercept these enemies before they can breach the camp perimeter:

Robots used for this research subject:

None (in simulation)



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