Platform Description

The Robudem is our main outdoor research platform. It is a heavy (350 kg) robot, based upon the RoboSoft RobuCar platform. It is able to carry heavy loads and is equipped with numerous sensors: Differential GPS system, BumbleBee Stereo Vision Camera, Ultrasound Sensors, Orientation Sensor. Depending on the application, also a chemical sensor and metal detector are installed. The sensor data is processed on-board by 2 separate PC's: a Linux PC for low-level robot control and a Windows PC for high-level robot artificial intelligence, using the CoRoBa software architecture. The robotic platform has 4 independently steered all-terrain wheels, extending its mobility on rough terrain.

Robudem Autonomous Outdoor Robot



Daniela Doroftei

Geert De Cubber

Sid Ahmed Berrabah

Usage in projects:




Usage in Research:

Behavior - based Robot Control

Geo-referenced Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Robot Path Planning and Navigation

Modular Software Architectures for Robotic Systems

Human Detection

Terrain Traversability Estimation

UGV -UAV collaboration

Robotic aids for humanitarian deming


Video Results (check also our YouTube channel):

Robudem robot performing an unmanned search and rescue operation, searching for human victims after a major crisis and assessing chemical intoxication levels:

Robudem robot navigating to geo-referenced waypoints

Search and Rescue robot operating through smoke

Autonomous Operation of the Robudem Robot

Robudem as a demining robot, equipped with a cartesian scanner and a metal detector

Robudem robot navigating indoor