The Unmanned Vehicle Centre works in close collaboration with operational forces of the Belgian army and allied partners to provide support for field operations. Currently, we have ongoing collaborations with the following partners:

Fast deployment unmanned aerial vehicle team for assisting international relief teams

Deployment in during Bosnia floodsAs a research group embedded in a military university working in close collaboration with multiple end-user organizations, the Unmanned Vehicle Centre has a favorable position linking research and end-users. As a result, we are able to offer advanced state-of-the-art support tools for relief operations. These tools consist of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (a.o. Microdrones MD4-1000) and trained operators with field experience on assisting international relief teams for crisis management operations, as proven during our deployment in Bosnia-Herzegovina. We focus on the seamless integration of these unmanned aerial tools into the standard operating procedures of the relief workers, respecting the legal framework and maximizing the added value for the end-users while minimizing the barriers to market entry.

Please click here to download a full product guide on our offering and find out how our experience and tools can help your organization handle crises better.


Fast mapping tools, combining data from aerial and ground based assets

3D view of the Royal Military AcademyAccurate 3D mapping tools are provided by a number of service providers, relying on land-based (via a geodetic survey) or aerial-based (via manned our unmanned aircraft) mapping. Coming forth out of years of research on this subject in multiple research projects like ICARUS and TIRAMISU, the Unmanned Vehicle Centre is now able to present an integrated toolbox for combined ground and aerial mapping. Use this toolbox to bring together your environmental datasets, land-based and air-based. The UVC combined mapping toolbox will automatically align and match the datasets and create an integrated 3D model with enhanced accuracy.

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Image descriptionThe Unmanned Vehicle Centre and the demining team of the Belgian army join efforts to find new ways to automate the tedious and dangerous process of searching for land mines. Therefore, we develop robotic tools, which can scan a suspected minefield semi-autonomously when equipped with the right sensing material. Implementing robotized demining equipment could be a valuable tool to save human lives.


B-FASTThe Belgian First Aid and Support Team is a cross-departmental unit, spanning the Prime Minister’s office, Federal Public Services Foreign Affairs, External Trade and Development Cooperation, Public Health & Environment, Home Affairs and Budget, as well as the Ministry of Defence. It is under the authority of the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

As the Unmanned Vehicle Centre is also active in the field of developing novel solutions for unmanned crisis management operations, we work together with B-FAST to validate the technologies we develop.


NATO-NC3I With roots going back over 50 years, the mission of the NATO C3 Agency is to support NATO through the seamless provision of unbiased scientific support and common funded acquisition of Consultation, Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) capabilities. Together with NC3A, we investigate novel approaches for the seamless integration of unmanned search and rescue robots in C4ISR systems.