The Unmanned Vehicle Centre of the Department of Mechanics of the Belgian Royal Military Academy is a research laboratory specialized in the design, development and control of unmanned systems, both unmanned ground vehicles (ugv) and unmanned aerial vehicles (uav). The lab conducts research in varied domains, ranging from very fundamental aspects to the development of prototype products, this in order to fulfill the 3 mission objectives of the Unmanned Vehicle Centre:


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Our research is focalized on the design of unmanned robotic systems and the perception and control of these sytems.

Some Research topics are:

  • Visual Perception & Reasoning
  • Localization and Mapping
  • Robot Navigation and Control
  • Multi-Robot Coordination


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Our educational programme foresees a knowledge-transfer to new generations of students.

This educational programme is not only available to RMA students; we also have multiple international collaborations, with possibilities for internships. Have a look at the Education page.

Support Services

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We put our knowledge to service and deliver support services for the Belgian Army and allied forces.

Collaborations with operational forces include support services for the Belgian demining squadron SEDEE / DOVO, the Belgian First Aid and Support Team (B-FAST) and NATO partners.