• Unmanned Aerial Systems

    for Search & Rescue, Humanitarian Demining, Environmental Monitoring and Surveillance

  • Unmanned Ground Systems

    for Search & Rescue, Humanitarian Demining, Environmental Monitoring & Surveillance

  • Unmanned Maritime Systems

    for Coastal Protection, Harbour Protection, Maritime Infrastructure Surveillance

  • Counter-UAV

    for protecting our borders and critical infrastructure

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Discover our research on human factors and autonomous flight for unmanned aerial vehicles

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Discover our research on unmanned ground vehicles for tough applications like search & rescue and demining

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Discover our research on collaborative strategies for swarms of unmanned maritime systems

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Discover our research on drone detection systems, robotic cybersecurity and risk assessment.

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Discover how we are developing a strategic foresight or new training curricula for the defence sector

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About Us

The Robotics & Autonomous Systems lab is a research unit of the department of Mechanics of the Belgian Royal Military Academy.

As a university  laboratory, we conduct research in all matters related to unmanned systems: on one hand trying to develop novel “good" applications for these systems and on the other hand trying to find solutions to counter the potential malicious use of these systems.

As a military research institute and part of Belgian Defence, we focus on niche fundamental research axes and apply those to practical applications that provide a direct added value for our end users, mostly in the safety, security and defence sectors. 

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