TALON drone

Used for research on Beyond-Visual-Line-Of-Sight (BVLOS) semi-autonomous operations

MD4-1000 drone

Used for research on autonomous operations with advanced sensor payloads

Inspire 2 drone

Used for cinematography and Counter-UAV research

DJI-Phantom drone

Used for research on 3D mapping and counter-UAV

Parrot.AR drone

Used by students for learning to program drone systems

Search & Rescue robot

Used for research on real-time multi-sensor data processing in rough outdoor terrain

Humanitarian demining robot

Used for research on autonomous multi-sensor humanitarian demining techniques

Summit robot swarm

Five robots with a heterogeneous sensor suite for research on swarming and autonomy

Pioneer robot swarm

Used for research on indoor autonomous multi-agent robot collaboration

Manipulator arm

Used for teaching students robotic grasping & manipulation

Autonomous RHIB

For maritime research aspects, all our effort is concentrated on one platform: a seaworthy autonomous Rubber Hull Inflatable Boat used for research on perception, planning & AI for multi-agent control for maritime surveillance applications.