SAFIR-Ready, a ground-breaking pan-European project will enable emergency response and medical solutions through the power of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). The project assembles 34 partners and a same number of advisory board members at time of launch.

This cutting-edge initiative builds upon a strong legacy going back to 2016. Preceding projects contributed to the first EU unmanned aviation legislation (SAFIR) and further built upon this with U-Space concepts and digital interfaces demonstrated in medical use cases (SAFIR-Med). From initial U-Space concepts, over architecture and interface definition, towards building robust interfaces between market actors, the objective was always to contribute to key societal challenges: need for swift, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions for emergency response. The project’s focus on “mission readiness” is embedded in its name; ‘SAFIR-Ready’. The ambition is to make ad-hoc Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights a reality. This requires rapid automated flight authorization and integrated drone ground automation, leveraging U-space services.

The result? Significantly reduced response times, lower transportation costs, and decreased carbon emissions; enabling crisis response to save lives and protect property.

The project promises a thrilling future where drones replace traditional vehicles, expediting crucial responses and thereby transform the face of healthcare and emergency services.

🌟 A cutting-edge Cargo Drone Landing System is taking flight! Thanks to our project partner, Avercon, we're making dreams of automation a reality. 📦✨

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👏Project partner @ANRATech successfully showcased in @FAANews demos how #UAM corridors might work. Their experience will be applied in the @safirready research for machine-to-machine communication & decision-making! Find out more:

Project partners, @ANRATech are committed to creating advanced holistic #Uspace services. In the @safirready, they serve both as #USSP & #CISP for autonomous aircraft operations in Belgium & Estonia, providing U-space & Common Information Services.

🎉 Exciting News for the #drone industry!! Project partners, @ANRATech have announced their latest #fleetmanagement platform, Mission Manager X! This new solution will help #droneoperators ensure safe and efficient operations by combining fleet and airspace management on one app

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