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We currently have 1 open position for a Junior Researcher on AI-resilient camouflage.

We are looking for a research engineer to support the implementation of a Belgian Defence project called ARC (AI-Resistant Camouflage). The candidate should have experience with AI and computer vision and be willing to pursue a PhD in the framework of the study. For this reason, we are looking for a full-time researcher with a master degree in Mathematics / Informatics / Computer Science / Applied Sciences / Engineering / Physics.

The ARC study responds to a growing need for innovative camouflage solutions. This is sharply underlined by the figure below, taken when Belgian Defence proudly presented its new future camouflage clothing. The bounding boxes on the figure present the result of the famous YOLO5 detector on this image and clearly show that – in the ‘eyes’ of the AI – the military soldiers are as clearly visible (similar confidence level) as the MoD, meaning that the obfuscation effect of the military clothing is totally negligible for the AI.

It will be the PhD. study of the ARC-researcher to investigate such  vulnerabilities of present-day camouflage against modern AI-based detection techniques. Furthermore, ARC will propose new camouflage designs that will better protect soldiers and equipment against detection by enemy AI tools.

Please find here the full job description.


Send by email to Mr Geert De Cubber (geert.decubber@mil.be) and to Mrs Helena Bruyninckx (erm-deao-rswo@mil.be):

  • a motivational letter;
  • a CV;
  • a scan of your ID card (both sides);
  • a filled out security document

Final term projects for Masters in Engineering

The Royal Military Academy is subscribed in the ERASMUS programme. As a result, the Robotics & Autonomous Systems unit attracts national and international master thesis students that want to pair a thorough theoretical development to a practical implementation on one of our robotic systems.

We always prefer to include master thesis students in our financed research projects, as this gives the students the greatest potential to work inside a real research team and to have the financial means to have access to equipment. Therefore, please take a look at our running research projects and let us know if your are interested in contributing.

PhD. studies

The Royal Military Academy is an accredited university and can deliver PhD. degrees. However, in order to maximize cross-fertilization between civilian and military research, we prefer to work in collaboration with universities. 

As a military university, our role is often to validate in real-life conditions the theoretical developments performed within the PhD. study. As a unit of Belgian Defence, this often entails field-testing robotic systems (land / air / marine) in tough conditions.

Please have a look at our active research activities and our running projects and let us know if you see a potential for collaboration.


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