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Fixed positions

We currently have one open position for a senior robotics researcher (PhD. holder).

The new researcher will be tasked to develop novel robotic demining tools in the context of a large-scale European project & challenge, called CONVOY.

  • The main contribution of RMA (and thus also the work that will be required for this position) is in the design of the multi-agent unmanned ground system for hidden threat detection and the validation of this system on the terrain.
  • The CONVOY solution will be validated on-the-field using 4 individual trials and 4 large-scale field trials across Europe, to ensure that the system is able to operate in different conditions.
  • For this position, we require an experienced robotics researcher (i.e. post-doc), as you will receive the responsibility to act as Principle Investigator to act on behalf of RMA in this project  

Have a look into the full job description and the job offer page to find out what skills this requires and what we offer you.

Do you have what it takes to pull this off? Then please send your application, in the format as specified in the job description, to  geert.de.cubber@rma.ac.be  and  emile.le.flecher@mil.be 

Final term projects for Masters in Engineering

The Royal Military Academy is subscribed in the ERASMUS programme. As a result, the Robotics & Autonomous Systems unit attracts national and international master thesis students that want to pair a thorough theoretical development to a practical implementation on one of our robotic systems.

We always prefer to include master thesis students in our financed research projects, as this gives the students the greatest potential to work inside a real research team and to have the financial means to have access to equipment. Therefore, please take a look at our running research projects and let us know if your are interested in contributing.

PhD. studies

The Royal Military Academy is an accredited university and can deliver PhD. degrees. However, in order to maximize cross-fertilization between civilian and military research, we prefer to work in collaboration with universities. 

As a military university, our role is often to validate in real-life conditions the theoretical developments performed within the PhD. study. As a unit of Belgian Defence, this often entails field-testing robotic systems (land / air / marine) in tough conditions.

Please have a look at our active research activities and our running projects and let us know if you see a potential for collaboration.


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