AI & UAV researcher

In the framework the research project HADRON , we are looking for a researcher to develop AI algorithms to render drones more human-friendly. A major problem of current drone systems is that both the control and the data interpretation are much too complicated to be handled by personnel that has not received an extensive training, whilst it is impossible (or not feasible) to organize such a training for everyone. A solution to this problem is the augmented use of autonomous capabilities, both for the vehicle control and for the data interpretation aspect.

For this study, we are looking for a researcher with a master degree and with relevant experience in the domains of:

  • Human-agent interfacing
  • Data fusion & data interpretation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Real-time control
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Embedded systems
  • Signal Processing
  • Programming

 It is possible (but not required) to perform a PhD. in the framework of this research project.

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