Counter-UAS Expert

In the framework the European Research Project COURAGEOUS, we are looking for a counter-UAS expert to reinforce our team.

COURAGEOUS is an EU Internal Security Fund project, meaning that it aims at providing novel solutions for EU police units. As Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or drones become more and more available, law enforcement agencies find themselves confronted with the novel task of having to police the access to the lower airspace. Commercial providers have already developed a wide range of solutions to this extent, but the capabilities of these systems are hard to benchmark. The result is that end-users have a hard time in matching the right tools to the specific use cases that they encounter. We want you to help us with that task!

You will receive a very prominent role in this project and be involved in the technical coordination and organisation of the system demonstrations across Europe. 

We are therefore looking for an experienced researcher, with expertise on counter – UAS and system testing & validation, who preferably also has some experience in working within EU projects.

Check out the full job description to find out what skills this requires and what we offer you.

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