Senior Robotics Engineer

Recent armed conflicts have seen a dramatic rise in the use of land mines, improvised explosive devices and other explosive ordnances, often resulting in many casualties, also among the civilian population until years after the conflict. To remedy this situation, the Royal Military Academy is involved in many initiatives on Belgian and EU scale to develop robotic technologies that can help with the task of detecting these hidden threats.

The new researcher will be tasked to develop novel robotic demining tools in the context of a large-scale European project & challenge, called CONVOY.

  • The main contribution of RMA (and thus also the work that will be required for this position) is in the design of the multi-agent unmanned ground system for hidden threat detection and the validation of this system on the terrain.
  • The CONVOY solution will be validated on-the-field using 4 individual trials and 4 large-scale field trials across Europe, to ensure that the system is able to operate in different conditions.
  • For this position, we are hiring an experienced robotics researcher, as you will receive the responsibility to act as Principle Investigator to act on behalf of RMA in this project  

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