EOD Robotics Engineer

In the framework of the EU-PADR-AIDED research project, we are looking for a research engineer to reinforce our team.

In one sentence, the task of the researcher will be to integrate new Explosive Ordnance Detecting sensors (Ground Penetrating Radar, Electromagnetic Induction Array, Spectrometer) on an existing unmanned ground vehicle and pursue field tests with the Belgian demining team in order to validate the system performance.

Check out the full job description to find out what skills this requires and what we offer you.

Do you have what it takes to pull this off? Then please contact us at geert.de.cubber@rma.ac.be or daniela.doroftei@rma.ac.be 

Contact Information

Call:  +32 2 44 140 08

Email: geert.de.cubber@rma.ac.be



Robotics & Autonomous Systems Unit

Royal Military Academy

Av. De La Renaissance 30

1000 Brussels